.all good things must come to an end... but there are pleanty more where they came from.

.all good things must come to an end... but there are pleanty more where they came from.
i descovered that you can't alway go around, sometimes you have to go through...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

'09 discoveries...

2009 was put in front of me with the brand of "the best years of your life." Now that is a pretty big expectation wouldnt you say? I know many people say "life is short" but, it is the longest thing we have and so its true to say, that being said that i had great expectations.

It all started in year 5, i was told about this mysterious place (i cant name it for safty reasons, for the storys sake ill call it timbucktoo.) called timbucktoo. This place has a lot to offer when is came to experiences, it offered outdoor adverntures such as mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, horse riding, downhill and crosscountry skiing and of course hiking. We would also have the normal school five days a week (most of the time) except our weekdays were monday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. On the weekends we would be faced with our outdoor challenges which grew harder, somtimes we would even do trips for 3 days, and at the end of the year even 6 full days and nights!

But this place had a loy more to offer then just the physical side of discovering, we were also put in a house with 9 other girls to live with away from our families and our city lives, and live in the bush for a whole year, only come back every 4 or 5 weeks. This all was alot to handle at the age of 14.

For some the whole idea of it was an emidiate turn off and didnt even consider it, for others it was parents that could not bare to let their childeren go, for other parents it was an opportunity to bring their childeren back to earth and for people like me it was an opportuntiy to discover and learn, and opportunity i would not miss for the world!

Overall Timbucktoo was just one giant emotional, physical, mental and skillful discovery.

I learnt life skills some adults never learn.

Living with my friends and fellow pupils i discovered some very important skills and lessons about tollerance, acceptance, trust, relationships, friendships, LOVE, people and most of all myself, oh and how forced friendships really do work!

I am sitting here now pondering, reflecting and thinking how much i have gained and DISCOVERED at my year away in 2009, and how much timbucktoo taught me & gave me, but i believe the real beauty is how it will keep giving even though my time has come, and i will keep taking away from the experience for the rest of my life, and now it is time for 2010's lucky contestants make their way up to the blocks, as now it is their turn to give a little and take a lot.

I was one of the very lucky few in the world to have experienced what i did, but that doesnt mean the rest of you cant learn what i did. EVERYONE CAN DISCOVER, everyone can learn and take away from all that is thrown at you. Go into experiences with an open mind, give a little and get a lot in return, make the most of what you have,

.the world is my playground.

.the world is my playground.
i discovered that its the littlle things in life that make it so special.